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Honor Christ

1 Peter 3.14b-15a
Have no fear of them, nor be troubled, but in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy.

Peter continues to encourage his hearers who were facing persecution not to fear those who try to persecute them. In this day and age, these verses are becoming more relevant in our culture in the US. It is important to consider these words of the Apostle Peter. Have no fear and don’t be troubled; the reason why believers should not fear or be troubled is rooted in what Peter says next. A believer’s heart should honor Christ the Lord as holy. For truly this is foundational to overcoming persecution in our day, just as it was in the days that Peter was writing this Epistle.

This is the crux of Peter’s position. To set Christ Jesus as Lord over one’s heart is the only way one is going to be able to withstand persecution. Otherwise, how could you not be fearful or troubled? To set Christ apart in one’s heart and honor Christ should not be seen as just an inward action. We should understand that the heart in this passage refers to more than just one’s inner private life. Actually, the heart is the origin of human behavior; you might think of it as the executive center of the self where all of life springs from. So, naturally, everything you do is going to flow from the heart.

Therefore, if God is being set apart as the holy Lord of one’s heart, then what you face will be faced with God because you are wanting to please God and honor God as holy rather than just wanting to please yourself. Since you are honoring Christ as Lord in your heart and the inner and outer life are inseparable, how you respond during suffering is evident to everyone who sees you. This should encourage all of us today to honor Christ in our hearts. For truly it is His desire for all of us to enthrone Him in our hearts.

I want to encourage you today, just as Peter did to the church that was facing heavy persecution in his day, to not give up. Keep hoping and trusting in God as we face unprecedented waters in our country. No matter what the storm may look like on the horizon, ultimately we can trust God is good; for as Peter said earlier in verse 14, if we suffer for righteousness’ sake we will be blessed. May you walk in hope, not fearing nor troubled in your heart; I encourage you today to honor Christ in your heart.

In Christ’s Service,

Cody Ragland
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