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Mentor Someone

1 Peter 5.13
She who is at Babylon, who is likewise chosen, sends you greetings, and so does Mark, my son.
Modern letter writers generally extend greetings at the beginning of a letter. Peter followed first-century custom by offering words of greeting at the conclusion of his letter. He extended greetings from she who is at Babylon. Babylon is a reference to the city of Rome, which was increasingly called by this name by both Jews and Christians. The nickname expressed the fact that the Christians in the city felt themselves to be in exile in a foreign land, a city of luxury and sin and the oppressor of God's people. This identification also corresponds to Peter's earlier description of the Christians in the city as sojourners and exiles in the world (2.11).

Mark is likely to be understood as John Mark, a former traveling companion of the apostle Paul and writer of the second Gospel. His link with Peter is not clear from the biblical record, since virtually nothing is known of John Mark's ministry after his separation from the apostle Paul (Acts 15.39). Apparently Mark increasingly became linked to Peter so that Peter could now identify him as his closest colleague. Some scholars believe that Mark was the spiritual son of Peter (as Timothy was the spiritual son of Paul). In any event, as Peter closes his first letter he identifies Mark with the term of endearment, my son. Tradition indicates that Peter helped Mark write his gospel.

Who in your life do you identify as a spiritual mentor? Who has helped you to grow closer to Jesus Christ? If they are still living, call or write them today and thank them for their loving and personal investment in your life. Thank them for leading you into a deeper relationship with Christ. If they are with the Lord, thank Him for gracing your life with such a spiritual friend. At the same time, consider who the Lord might want you to mentor in the faith. And then do it!

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